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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rumor Has It: Federal Judges Believe City of Vancouver Involved In Conspiracy

During the recent Sharma vs City of Vancouver lawsuit, Vancouver City officials repeatedly claimed that the city does not practice in inappropriate actions such as discrimination and retaliation.

Rumor has it ...

Rolando Henandez was a former City of Vancouver employee. He was a victim of a race based harassment where the city did not take his complaint seriously. He filed a lawsuit locally, but the City Attorney's Office made a motion to dismiss, with requests to prevent important statements entered as evidence.

The case was dismissed.

On April 14, 2008, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a local lawsuit. In favor of the victim, Rolando Hernandez. In the 11 pg reversal, it states, "The evidence, viewed in the light most favorable to Hernandez, goes to show that a conspiracy existed between Tanninen and the city to cover up the investigation of race-based hostility." Words from Federal Judges. (Mark Tanninen was Hernandez's supervisor)

This ruling, less than 7 months ago and prior to the Sharma settlement, makes it evident that corruption, like cover ups within the city, are being recognized at the Federal level.

Here is the link to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Website...

Please read this powerful reversal of the Federal Judges and give us your opinion.

Sam Fisher

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

America's Vancouver Ted Gathe and Joshephine Townsend Scewed Up

Firing Lying
As calls for investigation into a Vancouver cop’s firing mount, so does evidence the city screwed up.
BY NIGEL JAQUISS | Willamette Week
October 29th, 2008

The city of Vancouver, Wash., had good reason to disregard the complaint that led to Officer Navin Sharma’s firing—and to the city ultimately paying Sharma a $1.65 million wrongful discharge settlement.

As federal officials ponder a recent call by Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard and police union officials for an investigation into Sharma’s firing (see “Good Cop, Mad Cop,” WW, July 30, 2008), abundant evidence that the process was deeply flawed is already part of the court record.

The big flaw dates back to Feb. 16, 2005, when court records show, longtime Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe drafted a letter of termination for the city’s chief prosecuting attorney, Josephine Townsend.

“I have met with you on several occasions to discuss my concerns regarding your performance,” Gathe wrote Townsend in a letter that began “re: Termination of Employment.” “Throughout your employment in the position of Chief Prosecuting Attorney, I have felt the need to repeatedly counsel you on this subject.”

Gathe’s letter detailed several concerns. But the most damning, contained in his handwritten notes, are two judges’ doubts about Townsend’s “truthfulness.” Gathe says Townsend resigned rather than be fired.

Townsend then entered private practice and in February 2006 complained to Gathe’s office about drunken-driving tickets written by Sharma.

When she was working for the city, Townsend had worked closely with Sharma, helping him improve the effectiveness of his ticket-writing. Now she wanted to use what she knew about Sharma against him.

Gathe’s office passed the complaint to VPD internal affairs whose investigation consisted of interviews with Sharma and two Washington State Patrol DUII experts, who found nothing seriously wrong with Sharma’s tickets. None of the more than two dozen Vancouver police officers who approved Sharma’s tickets was interviewed.

The court record shows Gathe’s subordinates were involved at every step of the process that followed: reviewing the investigation and helping write his termination letter.

Even more remarkably, those subordinates asked the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to consider charging Sharma with felonies for what even his superiors acknowledge were unintentional cut-and-paste errors. They then effectively ended Sharma’s law enforcement career by sending out so-called “Brady notices” to 90 members of the Clark County bar, informing them that Sharma could no longer be trusted to testify truthfully in court.

So, put another way, Gathe oversaw the destruction of Sharma’s nine-year career based on the complaint of an ex-employee he was prepared to fire for cause, and who was ethically bound not to use what she had learned while working for the city against the city or its employees.

“I’m saddended that the city attorney’s office, which I trusted, conspired to rob me of the career I loved,” Sharma says.

Gathe defends his actions.

“The fact that the initial complaint came from Josephine Townsend was irrelevant,” he says. “Regardless of whether there were or were not issues regarding Ms. Townsend’s credibility…the decision to further investigate her allegations was reviewed by several individuals of my office as well as [Sharma’s superior].”

Nonetheless, last month Vancouver agreed to pay $1.65 million to Sharma, a Portland resident now working as a Providence ER nurse, what Jury Verdicts Northwest says is the largest employment settlement in Northwest history. -- Nigel Jaquiss, Willamette Week

You can read the evidence for yourself here at Vancouver Washington Corruption Log! We have the "damning notes" thanks to our blogger Samuel Fisher:

Click here for the facts!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goldie Speak's: More than one big decision November 4th, 2008

As powerful as The Internet is, it can not defend it's self from being exploited by giant telecommunication corporations. There is a great opportunity for unused "old technolgy" to be the back bone of "new technology". Unused TV signals can be used for free wireless internet!

As a blogger, an advocate for The First Ammendment, civil rights and as citizen of The United States of America, Clark County and The City of Vancovuer I strongly urge you to make 3 phone calls today. Make 3 phone calls to keep the airwaves we are no longer going to be using for TV and open them up to be used by the people, not COMCASTIC CORPORATIONS.

Learn more from

On November 4, the Federal Communications Commission will decide whether to open the vacant public airwaves between TV channels -- called "white spaces" -- for high-speed Internet access.

After exhaustive study, the federal agency has found that we can open these unused airwaves for everyone. But there's a problem. The public interest has run up against powerful corporate lobby -- the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) -- which wants to keep white spaces all to themselves. Continue...

Learn about unused spectrum between the TV channels "It's like Wi-Fi on Steroids":

If you do make calls leave a comment and let me know how it went. Please leave a comment if you have questions about this issue. Please note, this is an issue that is intrinsic to blogging and information sharing.
-- Sincerely, Goldie Davich

Give your elected official a call today!

Senator (R-Oregon) Gordon Smith
Phone: (202) 224-3753 / (503) 326-3386

Senator (D-Oregon) Ron Wyden
Phone: (202) 224-5244 / (503) 326-3386

Representative (D-Oregon) Earl Blumenauer
Phone: (202) 225-4811 / (503) 231-2300

Senator: (D-Washington) Patty Murray
Phone: (202) 224-2621 / (206) 553-5545

Senator: (D-Washington) Maria Cantwell
Phone: (202) 224-3441 / (206) 220-6400

Representative (D-Brian Baird)
Phone: (202) 225-3536 / (360) 695-6292

Here is a script I wrote for myself and others to use:

Hello (you are more than likely going talk to a staffer or machine),

My name is ___________. I am from _____________. I am calling to ask Ms/Mr___________ to write to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin urging him to open white spaces for the public good.
  • I want to urge Ms/Mr_____________ to make sure the Federal Communications Commission does not further delay a set of new rules that would open up the empty television channels -- often referred to as "white spaces" -- for innovative broadband services.
  • The FCC must act now to give back our airwaves for much needed broadband services that would help bridge the digital divide, lower broadband costs for consumers, and jump-start our economy through new investment in technology.
  • The FCC has scheduled a vote on this issue for Nov. 4th. Please urge the FCC Chairman to stick to this date and open up the TV white spaces. Thank you.
  • (if it's not voicemail) Are you familiar with the term white spaces?
(very important -- VERIFY THAT THE STAFFER KNOWS WHAT 'white spaces' are and if they are clear about why you are calling. I just talked to Cantwell's office and they haven't received phone calls -- the guy didn't know what white spaces are. Patty Murray has received some calls but the staffer allowed me to briefly explain some terms. Please feel free to ask them if anyone else has called about this issue. It's important to know if no one is calling. Nov. 4th is next week!)

If they answer yes:
  1. I want to remind you and Ms/Mr.senator:Powerful cell phone companies are pushing the government to auction off white spaces licenses to the highest bidder. This would give the richest companies the exclusive right to determine how they are used. Broadcasters might simply sit on a white space license to prevent others from accessing the public airwaves; a major cell phone company won't use the spectrum to compete with its existing businesses, keeping prices high and stifling innovation.

  2. Again, The FCC has scheduled a vote on this issue for Nov. 4th. Please urge the FCC Chairman to stick to this date and open up the TV white spaces. Thank you.
If they answer no:
  1. 1. "White spaces" are empty frequencies between television channels. You may have heard about how we are moving from analog television to all digital. These empty frequencies have the potential to connect millions to the information superhighway. The powerful broadcasting lobby would rather hoard this spectrum for themselves

  2. Again, The FCC has scheduled a vote on this issue for Nov. 4th. Please urge the FCC Chairman to stick to this date and open up the TV white spaces. Thank you.

    Read More about this issue:

    Wireless Innovation Alliance
    Net Neutrality

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fraternal Order of Police Letter to the Department of Justice

Readers have emailed me asking us to post the Lower Columbia Lodge #12's FOP letter to the Department of Justice in regards to the certain investigation of the Vancouver Police Department. The Willamette Week published this in regards to the FOP letter to the DOJ:

From 10-22-2008 The Willamette Week's Murmurs Department:

Trouble in the ’Couv : Two weeks ago, Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard requested a federal investigation of his city’s police department after the city paid ex-officer Navin Sharma $1.65 million to settle his wrongful termination case (see “Good Cop, Mad Cop,” WW, July 30, 2008). Now Officer Ryan Martin, president of the 293-member Fraternal Order of Police, Lower Columbia Order, is broadening the mayor’s call. “Mismanagement and the possibility of corruption not only exists within the Administration of the Police Department but also exists within the City Attorney’s Office and the City Manager’s Office,” Martin wrote the Seattle U.S. Attorney’s Office in an Oct. 16 letter.


October 16th, 2008

Mr. Kelly Harris
Assistant United States Attorney
United States Department of Justice
700 Stewart Street
United States Courthouse, Suite 5220
Seattle, Washington 98101

RE: DOJ Investigation of the City of Vancouver, Washington

Dear Mr. Harris:

It is my pleasure to write to you on behalf of the membership of Lower Columbia Lodge 12 of the Washington State Fraternal Order of Police. We have 293 active members within our organization consisting of law enforcement officers and agents from municipalities, county government, state government, and the federal government here in Southwest Washington. We take pride is serving our communities and feel that it is both an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of this great country. I’m sure you are aware of our organization as we are part of the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police consisting of over 325,000 members nationwide with over 2400 local lodges.

The reason I am writing you today is because we have grave concern over the mismanagement of the Vancouver Police Department with which the majority of our membership is comprised. I am aware that a letter was sent to you by Mayor Royce Pollard requesting an investigation into the Navin Sharma vs. City of Vancouver case in which Officer Sharma filed a Civil Rights Lawsuit against the defendant alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. I understand that your office has referred this request to Washington DC to conduct a preliminary review. We would like to ask you for more than a preliminary review and simply request that the investigation be initiated and conducted in a thorough and complete manner.

Our membership has concerns and has had concerns for an extended period of time with regards to the mismanagement and the possibility of corruption within our administrative ranks at the police department. Through the discovery process in the lawsuit of Officer Sharma it has been brought to my attention that the mismanagement and the possibility of corruption not only exists within the Administration of the Police Department but also exists within the City Attorney’s Office and the City Manager’s Office. It is my understanding that documents indicating such will be disclosed during your investigation and that other groups have and will be sending you additional documents revealing such conduct.

It is not my place to judge, nor is it my place to wrongly accuse anyone of criminal wrongdoing, but it is my place as President of this organization to ask for your assistance and help by conducting a full investigation into this matter. It is my responsibility to my membership to ensure if such conduct has been committed, that justice is served and the constitutional rights of my members is and will be protected. It is inherent for the citizens of our great country and our community to trust the government that serves it or else that same government will become totalitarian in its very existence merely to survive. If we cannot trust our government, and we work for that government, then what government do we have? I do not believe that is what our founding fathers intended.

I will close with two quotes from President Ronald Reagan; “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” And “Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”

Please fell free to contact me with questions or concerns via e-mail at or by phone at (360) 904-3652.


Ryan Martin (Lodge 12 President) on behalf of the Lodge 12 Membership

Citizen letters to the DOJ to come! -- Goldie Davich

Rumor Has It: City Attorney Gathe and Josephine Townsend 'Testi-Lied' in Deposition (Updated with Supporting Documents)

There is a lot of talk about City Attorney Ted H. Gathe and Josephine Townsend, committing perjury, but no specifics other than "It's in the public documents", or "It's in the depositions". Well, here's the scoop folks:

Feb 16, 2005 - Office Memo dated Feb 16, 2005, from the Office of the City Attorney to Josephine Townsend from City Attorney Ted Gathe.

This memo states Townsend was placed on Administrative Leave to conduct an investigation into allegations surrounding her work performance as a supervisor and attorney. Gathe states he repeatedly counseled Townsend on that subject and implemented very specific performance expectations. Due to the investigation and other reasons, Gathe came to the conclusion that Townsend did not meet his expectations and he felt it was necessary to terminate her employment, effective immediately.

May 22, 2008 - Deposition of former City Attorney Josephine Townsend

Former City Attorney Townsend stated that she resigned, not terminated, and that she was never suspended.

June 4, 2008 - From Deposition of City Attorney Ted H. Gathe.

When City Attorney Ted Gathe, was asked if former City Attorney Townsend was terminated or resigned, he testified that Townsend resigned, and added that she was never suspended.

Did City Attorney Ted H. Gathe and Josephine Townsend, commit perjury in the Sharma vs City of Vancouver case?

You be the Judge.... -- Samuel Fisher

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goldie Speaks: Dear Ms. Jeanne Stewart, Please give bloggers a chance.

Greetings City Council Member Ms. Jeanne Stewart,

This email is in regards to your quote in The newspaper article about bloggers:

This is what I have posted on the right hand side of the Vancouver Washington Corruption Log in regards to ANONYMITY.

  1. It is my sincere hope that there are brave souls out there who will use their real name. Your voice as an agent of change will be documented. Using your real name will establish online credibility when leaving comments on this and other blogs.
  2. If you feel leaving comments anonymously will protect you from retaliation and or harassment then please do so.
  3. I will not delete comments posted as anonymous. An alternative to posting anonymously choose a 'handle' that does not disclose your identity. Readers can go back through the archive and identify what you stand for without knowing who you are. This is an accepted practice among bloggers. Build your online credibility by to sticking to one name.
  4. Please feel strongly encouraged to contact me if you are compelled to start blogging here. If you choose to remain anonymous know you can start a new email account without it making reference to your name.
I don't think most people, including yourself, understand the importance of bloggers. Blogs are a platform for the voice of THE PEOPLE. It is a form of free speech and democracy in action.

In regards to our blog, we strive to post links to verify what we are saying is credible and researched to the best of our ability. There are also posts that say "Rumor Has It". These posts are to document things we believe are going to be made public. When our "rumors" become FACTS this will start building our credibility as a source of people who know what's going on. We have opinion posts. Those posts should be read as such.

Please reconsider your position on blogs, especially the part about anonymity. Our blog is not written by reckless citizens. We are not hate mongers. We do not belong to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Clearly Jeff Mize of the Columbian is not a credible reporter in our eyes.

This is the age of our military's use of mainstream media to propgate stories about the Iraq war, the Downing Street Memo's and Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan's blatant lies to the citizens of The United States of America. I do not participate in the belief that journalist are part of the truth telling elite. It is also my belief that COMMON People have the right to have a voice even if it is not eloquent or "credible".

If you chose to read blogs that you are in disagreement with or find inaccurate then LEAVE A COMMENT about it. Blogs are discussions. If you chose to not read blogs I would recommend you not speak from a position of authority about blogs.

You have been a champion of citizen concerns in regards to the Navin case. For that I am thankful.

Goldie Davich
Blogger, Civil Rights Advocate and Net Neutrality Evangelist

Here is a video of Bill Moyers speaking at the National Conference of Media Reform. I find it inspirational. It reinforces my belief that internet is important to democracy and essential: